Vision Personal Training

Vision Personal Training

Vision Personal Training Hawthorn is located on vibrant Glenferrie Rd and offers a holistic approach to health and fitness with the number one goal of long-term results.

Our mission is to transform people’s lives through education, motivation and inspiration. With one-on-one personal training, the focus is on you and you alone. Our Studio is small, non-threatening and uncrowded, in other words, not your typical gym.

Your Vision Personal Trainer will design your one-on-one exercise program – taking into account your specific goals, timeframe, exercise preferences, current condition, health requirements, lifestyle and of course your body composition data from your Vision BIOSCAN. Your exercise program will be tailored to you and the results you want, and split into short-term achievable goals.

Knowing what to eat to align with your exercise plan is critical to your success. Your Vision Personal Trainer has extensive nutrition knowledge and will design you an individual nutrition plan, a critical part of your journey to self-transformation. You will be introduced to a wide range of fresh and tasty meals, as well as access to recipes to ensure you have all the tools you need to achieve your goals.

We believe community is a big part to our clients achieving long-term results, and for this reason we also offer a range of other things. Group classes, seminars, shopping Tours and Studio and Network wide challenges. We have chosen to sponsor the Citz because the more people we can get behind in our community the better it is for long-term sustainable results when it comes to health and fitness, no matter what age!