Hawthorn Citizens Junior Football Club


26 JUNE 2020

Dear Citz players & families

Further goods news this week with Return to Contact Protocols being updated to remove the restriction on training group sizes and the inclusion of contact training

In summary, the new protocols allow juniors (18 years and under):

  1. Resumption of full-contact training
  2. Full squads can train together There is no limit on the number of participants in training groups.

These new protocols relate training participants only.  Public gathering restrictions for non-participants (i.e. parents, spectators etc.)  have not changed.

In particular,

  1. Spectators must keep 1.5 meters apart
  2. Spectators should be in groups of no more than 10 people in open, outdoor venues and spread out around the ground or venue.

In addition, there will continue to be no access to the Clubrooms / Pavilion.

A copy of the updated Return to Play Protocols is attached to this email.

Please remember that these protocols are not simply guidelines.

They are set of rules and process that must be strictly adhered to by all participants (players, coaches and parents).

Managing the spread of COVID 19 is a collective responsibility.

All players, club officials, coaches, team managers and families read, understand and comply with the protocols that have been established.

The following bullet points outlines what we can and can not do:

  1. You MUST NOT participate in training if you are unwell or have symptoms or have been at risk of exposure to Covid 19
  1. Coaches are required to check with all participants on arrival for symptoms and / or potential exposure to Covid 19.  If you are unwell or have any COVID 19 symptoms DO NOT come to training. If you believe you may have come into contact with someone that may have COVID 19, DO NOT come to training
    1. Players, parents / carers, or officials that have symptoms or potential exposure will be denied access to training, asked to leave the session and MUST obtain medical clearance before returning to training.
  • DO NOT arrive early to training or stay after training sessions have finished.   GET IN / TRAIN / GET OUT
  • You MUST sign in to training.  Coaches / TMs are required to and MUST maintain a register of all training participants.
  • You MUST NOT share water bottles (or food).   Every participant must bring their own water bottle (clearly marked with their name) and when not in use,  store water bottles 1.5M apart.   Water fountains MUST NOT be used.  This includes refilling of water bottles
  • You MUST sanitize your hands before and after the training sessions (sanitizer will be available)
  • Training equipment must be disinfected / sanitized before and after training sessions (spray sanitizer will be available)
  • Minimise spectators / non participants at training.   We would strongly encourage parents / carers to not stay at training.  As a non participant, if you have to be at the training session YOU MUST maintain social distancing and DO NOT go onto the oval.

In addition, we strongly encourage everyone to download the CovidSafe App to help in tracing the spread of Covid 1